Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

(art.1) General provision

All details of business conditions, prices and descriptions of items offered for sale in this shop are current, subject to change without notice and replacement of previously advertised data.


(art.2) Warranty

All articles advertised on this website are of original origin unless otherwise stated. Items are new (unused) or used in good condition.

Search 4 Vintage offers a non-money-back guarantee on all delivered goods, subject to the conditions stated below.

(paragraph 1) If you are not satisfied with the purchased item, you must contact Search 4 Vintage (info@search4vintage.com) within 14 days of receipt of the goods by e-mail.
(paragraph 2) The ordered can then be returned, provided it is in the condition as shipped, against a full refund of the purchase price including the shipping costs paid by you. If an item is not registered with SEARCH4VINTAGE for return delivery within 14 days after receipt by you, it is considered sold.
(paragraph 3) This return offer does not apply to goods that have been purchased incorrectly, nor to goods that have been damaged, disassembled or manipulated after purchase.
(paragraph 4) SEARCH4VINTAGE can not guarantee that clothing, shoes or headgear are in the right fit, nor that they are suitable to be worn.
(paragraph 5) The responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that all goods ordered in the country where the goods are delivered can be imported.
(paragraph 6) All returned items paid through Paypal will be refunded via PayPal. Returned items that have been paid via direct bank transfer will be refunded by direct bank transfer.
(paragraph 7) Reimbursement will take place within 5 working days after return receipt of the articles by SEARCH4VINTAGE.


(art.3) Recognition and acceptance of orders

(paragraph 1) There is no purchase agreement between you and SEARCH4VINTAGE until full payment has been received from you and SEARCH4VINTAGE has sent the ordered products. The confirmation email that you receive after your order therefore does not automatically count as accepted. You can also receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal, this again means no automatic acceptance of that order by SEARCH4VINTAGE.
(paragraph 2) If SEARCH4VINTAGE, for whatever reason, decide not to accept your order, then you will be informed within 5 working days and the paid amounts for the relevant order will be refunded, including any shipping costs. The refund will take place within 5 working days after the announcement of the non-acceptance of your order.


(art.4) Delivery of the goods

(paragraph 1) SEARCH4VINTAGE will take the greatest possible care when receiving and implementing orders for products.
(paragraph 2) The place of delivery is the address that the consumer has made known to the entrepreneur.
(paragraph 3) SEARCH4VINTAGE will execute accepted orders expeditiously but no later than within 5 days, unless another delivery period has been agreed.
(paragraph 4) If the delivery is delayed, the consumer will receive notification of this no later than 5 working days after placing the order. In that case, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract without any costs.
(paragraph 5) If the delivery can not or only partially be carried out, the consumer will receive notification of this no later than 5 working days after placing the order. In that case, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract without any costs.
(paragraph 6) After termination in accordance with paragraphs 4.4 and 4.5, the entrepreneur will refund the amount that the consumer has paid within 5 working days.


(art.5) Reservation regarding gold, silver and bronze

The terms “Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze” refer to the rank of the award or the appearance or the coating finish of metal objects and does not imply a solid metal content of this description unless otherwise indicated.


(art.6) Availability of goods

The webshop is designed to display only articles that are still for sale, but it is still possible that an article is sold out during your visit to the website. In the unlikely event that an item is sold out by the time you place your order, SEARCH4VINTAGE will notify you by e-mail. The costs paid by you will be fully returned, as shown in article 3.2.


(art.7) Shipping costs

All orders are subject to delivery, packaging and administration costs. The correct costs for shipping within the Netherlands, the European Union and outside the European Union are automatically calculated via the shopping cart order system and our normal shipping method. Shipping costs are against fixed rates per geographical location e.g. Netherlands, European Union and outside the European Union.


(art.8) Insurance

SEARCH4VINTAGE will ensure the correct packaging and presentation of the articles to the carrier.

You will be informed by e-mail about the date of shipment, the carrier, the mode of transport and the expected arrival.

However, the risk of loss or damage to the items during transport lies with the buyer.


(art.9) Payment

Payments can be made online via your Paypal account or via Paypal credit card option or by direct bank transfer to the account number of SEARCH4VINTAGE:


In the name of: H.P.W.G. Linders


IBAN: NL81 ASNB 0706 7729 38

BIC / Swift code: ASNBNL21


(art.10) Copyright

All photos on the website are the property of SEARCH4VINTAGE and may not be reproduced without prior permission from SEARCH4VINTAGE.


Electronic Disclaimer

Due to the complexity of the electronic world with regard to this webshop, SEARCH4VINTAGE reserves the right to refuse an order if an electronic error has occurred in the description or price of a specific item.